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Insure Your Home & Property

Handling Hurricanes

Plan and prepare for the next hurricane. Stock up before a severe storm and stay safe during and after. Get our survival dos and don’ts plus tips on making insurance claims easier.

May 6, 2024


What Makes a Great Home Insurance Policy

In an unpredictable world, your financial future can be affected by what’s in your homeowners insurance policy. Learn its components and discover our tips on each.

May 17, 2022


Five Reasons to Get Renters Insurance

Insurance isn’t just for homeowners. Renters should protect their belongings, too. Learn five reasons why renters insurance may be a good idea for you.

Feb 23, 2022


What You Need to Know About Insurance

Read tips from UFCU Insurance Services Manager Cindy Coleman to help you choose the right insurance for you.

Oct 8, 2021


Five Facts About Flood Insurance

The UFCU Insurance Services® team shares five little known facts about flood insurance to keep you in the know.

Sep 14, 2021


Umbrella Insurance — Beyond the Basics

Many people are under the assumption that you don’t need an umbrella policy unless you have a lot of money and assets. That is a misconception. Read further for a basic primer on umbrella insurance, including what it is, how much it costs, and who should consider carrying it.

Jul 31, 2019


Five Reasons Why Auto Insurance Is Critical

When it comes to driving without insurance, are the risks worth it? Here are five reasons you should never get behind the wheel without auto insurance.

Jan 30, 2019


Why Insurance Bundles Are a Good Deal

You may have heard of bundling your insurance policies, but have you done it yet? If you’re still not sure, consider these three reasons to bundle your insurance policies.

Dec 24, 2018

Three Reasons Never to Rent without Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is an important part of being a responsible renter. Consider these three reasons why you should never rent without renters insurance.

Nov 2, 2018

Man with a car

What's at Risk with Minimum-Limit Auto Insurance?

If you’re confused about auto insurance (liability minimums, maximums, or terminology in general) this article is for you.

Jun 28, 2017