Business Property Insurance

Own or lease property used for business or commercial purposes? UFCU can connect you with reliable financial protection for your workplace and other physical business assets.

Coverage includes physical damage to buildings, business personal property or tenant improvements and betterments owned by a business-so that fire, theft and other unexpected events don't derail your success.

General Liability Insurance

No matter how many precautions you take, accidents can happen in the workplace to your clients and customers. General liability insurance through UFCU keeps you covered.

Keep your business protected from liability for bodily injury that occurs on your business premises or emerges from your operations, products and completed operations. Coverage may also be available for advertising and personal injury.

Business Auto Insurance

Keep the wheels on your business' financial security. Commercial vehicle insurance through UFCU covers physical damage and/or bodily injury from traffic collisions, theft, hail, fire, water damage and more.

Find the best policy for your business vehicle, from liability insurance to full coverage for full peace of mind. Available coverage includes collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist, rental reimbursement and personal injury protection.

Worker's Compensation

Protect your employees and your business. Worker's compensation insurance covers a portion of lost wages and/or medical benefits for injured employees.

When a team member becomes ill or hurt as the result of an accident on the job, workers compensation acts as his or her sole remedy, protecting your business from tort liability claims and other legal action.

Commercial Bonds

Rely on UFCU when you need to guarantee the performance of a contract, responsibility, or legal obligation with a surety bond.

We partner with several personal and commercial bond providers and are committed to providing you the bond you need. UFCU offers many commercial bonds including Lost Instrument, Title, Contract, Notary, Fidelity, License and Permit, Judicial, Janitorial Service, Contract Bid, Performance and Payment, and more.