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How Do Home Equity Loans Work?

The equity in your home can be leveraged to help fund home improvements, emergency expenses and even college. Our Mortgage Services team can help you determine if a home equity mortgage is right for your situation. Learn more at Home Loans or call our Mortgage Services Team at (512) 997-HOME (4663) or (800) 476-8409.

May 11, 2022


Cash-Out Refinance Explained

Have a big expense on the horizon? When interest rates are low, a cash-out refinance may help you turn your home’s equity into cash. Learn how this type of mortgage works and when it makes financial sense.

Mar 17, 2022


Live the Home Ownership Dream

If the dream of homeownership is calling you, these steps will put you on the path to a wiser home-buying experience.

Sep 2, 2021

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Buying a Home? Surround Yourself with the Right Team

If you are looking to buy a home, surround yourself with an experienced, trusted team of professionals.

May 20, 2021

How to Build a Budget When Buying a Home

There are many upfront and ongoing costs when you purchase a home, and your regular monthly expenses can also change. Understand how to build your budget so you can be a prepared homeowner.

Apr 7, 2021


Tips for Navigating Austin's Competitive Housing Market

It’s no secret: Austin is one of the hottest housing markets in the nation right now. But with more people and companies flocking here every day, and houses in increasingly limited supply, the process of buying a home in the ATX area can come with a lot of uncertainties for aspiring home buyers.

Mar 12, 2021


Tips for Taking Your Home Office to the Next Level

Now that you’ve traded in the traditional office setting for a more living room-adjacent work environment, you probably know that having a dedicated at-home workspace helps you set clear boundaries between your professional life and your personal life. But as long as you are working from home, why not upgrade that remote workstation into a dream home office that will level up your productivity and your tranquility?

Mar 12, 2021


Five Home Organization Ideas – Inspiring, Space-Clearing Tips

You’ve heard of spring cleaning. But every season has its reason to let go and live free of clutter. So here’s to minimizing in order to maximize your life, your productivity, and your time spent with those you love.

Mar 9, 2020


Ready to Buy a Home? Here’s What Not to Do

You’ve heard all the advice about what to do to prepare, but there’s more to it than that. Before you begin looking at homes and negotiating a contract, you should know about some moves that could significantly hurt your chance of getting that home loan. Here are three things not to do when a new home purchase or even a refinance is in your future.

Dec 5, 2019


Four Priorities for Finding Your First Home Faster

Ready to buy your first home? Consider these four search priorities to find your first home faster.

Nov 13, 2019

Family enjoying home

Buy or Rent? 10 Questions to Help You Decide

Are you trying to decide between renting and buying? Consider these 10 personal and financial questions before you decide.

Sep 29, 2019

First Time Home Buyers

Five Tips for Today’s Home Buyers

Are you getting ready to buy a home? If you’re planning on buying a home, whether or not it’s your first, here are five helpful tips for today’s home buyer.

Aug 29, 2019


5 Ways to Up the Coziness in Your Home

You can tell when a house has been loved. There’s a feeling of warmth inside and out, a sense that things are cared for and appreciated. What are some practical, easy tips for creating great-feeling spaces and refreshing the ambiance in your home?

Jul 11, 2019

Reasons Owning a Home is Better

Four Reasons Why Owning Is Better than Renting

If you’re ready to settle down for the long-term, buying a home is often a wise choice. You get more for your money, you can set down roots, and you build equity over time, which often results in a sound, long-term financial investment.

Jun 26, 2019


Buy Successfully in a Sellers’ Market

We’ve all heard the term sellers’ market, but what is it? Take advantage of our top 10 list of tips to help you buy a home, in spite of a market that isn’t leaning your way.

Jun 14, 2019