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The New, Old-Fashioned Road Trip

Road trips have come a long way, and are still an economical way to travel. With some new tools and old-fashioned wisdom, along with our top ten list, you can plan a safe, low-cost, and fun road trip.

Feb 23, 2022


Shop Smart this Holiday Season

Make the most of your holiday shopping by being a conscientious holiday consumer and saver.

Nov 18, 2021


Good for You, Good for Your Wallet

Being healthy saves money. Even knowing that unhealthy choices hit your wallet as much as your quality of life, it can still be tough to resist temptation. This article breaks down how small choices can add up to big sums of money.

Jul 29, 2021

What Are ACH Withdrawals (Feature Image)

Get the 411 on Electronic Auto-Pay

Electronic auto-payments are a convenient and safe option for making recurring payments, and receiving recurring deposits like paychecks.

Jun 28, 2021

WhenWhyHowtoReplaceDebitCardFeature 700x300

When and How to Replace Your Debit Card

Your debit card is your handy go-to whenever you need cash and a great way to make purchases. You’d hate to be without it, even for a moment. Check out these tips to handle a card that’s lost, stolen, or about to expire.

May 20, 2021


Five Tips for Paying for a Wedding

Weddings can be an expensive undertaking. Establishing a budget, setting aside adequate funds and making smart choices can help you create a wedding day that is memorable and affordable.

Apr 9, 2021

The Power of Credit Unions in Austin

One credit union principle is to be socially responsible to the communities they serve. Seven local credit unions, led by UFCU, put that principle into practice to make an Austinite’s dreams of homeownership come true while strengthening the financial health of our community.

Mar 12, 2021


Planning a Trip? Take Your Credit Union with You

Get our checklist of important tasks before you hit the road, and make it the best vacation ever.

Feb 11, 2021


Six Reasons to Go Paperless

If you’re looking to reduce clutter, bank more securely, and save time and money, it’s time to make the switch to paperless options.

Nov 13, 2020


UFCU — A Social Purpose Credit Union

If you are seeking a financial institution with social purpose, it may be time to join the UFCU movement. Give us a call, or stop by your local branch anytime to chat with a Personal Financial Representative and learn more.

Nov 13, 2020


Six Steps for Speedy Drive-Thru Service

Drive-thrus are one of many ways UFCU provides Members to take care of their banking business. Preparing ahead for your drive-thru visit can help minimize wait time, and get you on your way sooner.

Oct 22, 2020


Lifetime Membership Is Standard

Did you know that once you become UFCU Member, you’re a Member for life? Learn more about how UFCU is ready to be your financial partner, regardless of where life takes you.

Oct 22, 2020


What COVID-19 Means for Your College Financial Aid

COVID-19 is changing much in our lives, including planning for college expenses. Here are some ways to prepare.

Sep 2, 2020


Lessons in Back-to-School Shopping

Reading, writing, and arithmetic come at a price, literally, as families enter that late-summer rite of passage known as back-to school shopping. The good news is you can turn that back-to-school shopping into a teachable moment in wise consumerism with a few tips and techniques.

Jul 3, 2020


Shared Branches: Another Credit Union Benefit

Picture this scenario. You are traveling out of state when the car breaks down in an unfamiliar town. Worse yet, the credit card processor at the mechanic shop is on the blink and you are short on cash. If you are a UFCU Member, the shared branch network may be your lifeline to the cash you need.

Jun 29, 2020