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  • + How do I place a stop payment on a bill payment?

    Only bill payments issued by check are eligible for a stop-payment request. Complete these steps to request a stop payment and refund:

    1. Select Bill Pay » Payment History and locate the payment in question.
    2. Select the biller name to view the Bill Payment Inquiry page.
    3. In the Reason of Inquiry field, select Request to stop and refund payment.
    4. Enter any additional comments, then select Submit.

    Your stop-payment request will be submitted for additional processing. After submission, stop-payment requests are processed within one business day, and refunds are issued within three business days. A $30 stop-payment fee applies to all stop-payment requests.

  • + Can an electronic payment be stopped?

    No. An electronic payment cannot be stopped after the payment date. You can edit and/or delete a pending electronic payment before the payment date only if the payment displays as pending.

    If you send a payment by mistake, you must contact the merchant directly to request a refund.

  • + When is the money for a bill payment taken out of my account?

    For electronic payments, funds are withdrawn from your account after UFCU’s cutoff time on the send date. For payments by check, funds are withdrawn when the biller cashes the check.

  • + What is the cut-off time for additions, changes, or deletions to billers and/or payments in Bill Pay?

    Bill payments are processed at approximately 4 PM Monday–Friday, excluding credit union holidays. Changes or deletions can be made before funds are withdrawn from your account, but new payment requests will not be processed until the next business day.

  • + What do I do with my payment coupon/statement that I used to mail back with my payment?

    Use the coupon or statement to complete the biller and payment information when you first set up your biller. All the information the biller needs is included with your electronic or check payment. You can shred the statement or keep it for your records.

  • + Are there any minimum or maximum payment amounts?

    Yes. The minimum payment amount is $0.01 (one cent). The maximum payment amount per biller, per day is $25,000 up to the funds available in your account at the time of payment.

  • + How far in advance of the due date should I schedule my payments?

    Allow three business days for electronic payments and seven business days for check payments. UFCU does not process payments on weekends or on federal bank holidays. Be aware that billers may not immediately credit payments when they receive them.

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