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Your Security Is Our Top Priority

You should expect convenient and reliable products and services from every financial institution you work with, whether it’s a bank, a credit union, or a credit card company. Whether you're shopping online, at your favorite brick and mortar retailer, or abroad, we're looking out for you and your finances. At UFCU, account security is serious business. We use enhanced security technology and advanced data encryption to ensure the safety of every account and every transaction. Our staff maintains an enterprise-wide information security program and our network is protected with best-in-class tools, standards, and protocols. However, cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.

Need to Report Theft or Fraud?

Any concern you might have about your privacy, security, theft, or fraud is worth the time it takes to make a phone call. Failing to take action to protect your personal accounts and information could have devastating effects.

To chat with a representative, report potential fraud, or notify us about a lost or stolen card, visit any branch or contact Member Services at (512) 467-8080 or (800) 252-8311.

The UFCU Asset Protection Team and Information Security Officer are always ready to help. If you have questions or concerns about cybersecurity, call us anytime.

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