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Fewer Trips to the Bank

View and download account info and transactions, pay bills for free and transfer money 24/7, right from your office.

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You Name It

Sole proprietors can operate under a different business name—and open an account with that name. Just file an assumed name certificate with your local County Clerk's Office.

Travis County Clerk
Williamson County Clerk
Galveston County Clerk

More Ways to Get Paid with Merchant Services

Accept credit card payments on a variety of platforms—and get great customer service and support—with quick, secure, and competitively priced merchant services from.

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Pain-Free Payroll

Payroll can be easy and cost-effective with ADP payroll solutions for UFCU. ADP not only gives you seamless payroll processing, but also takes on the liability of payroll tax errors, keeps your business in compliance, and provides HR solutions—so you can focus on running your business.

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Be Prepared

Before coming in to open your UFCU Business account, be sure to gather up the needed documentation. 

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* Will appear on your account statement as "Analysis Fee".

Stay balanced

Period end date
Balance on last statement
Total deposits since last statement
Outstanding Checks
In your check register mark all checks paid. To the right, list checks outstanding not yet charged to your account.
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