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When quarantine halted their plans for a big wedding in April 2020, Aaron W and Amanda S repurposed their wedding fund to launch a new business. That summer, they started Cowboy Pools®, of which they are now co-founders and operators. The company sells and installs chic, low-cost backyard pools designed with galvanized water tanks made for ranching. Amanda recalls their story:

“Summer 2020 was a time when people were investing in their homes and it was also starting to get really hot. There was a dire need for affordable pools in Texas and nationwide. Getting our hands on pool equipment, even stock tanks, was super difficult due to supply chain challenges.

“We knew we would have expected and unexpected costs, with inventory being a main one. And payroll, of course. But we were surprised by how many vehicles we would need to deliver, install, and service the pools. UFCU has been critical in helping us fund and acquire all those vehicles.

“We started off as a mom-and-pop stock-tank pool shop, and now we sell a line of custom accessories like covers and benches. We ship our pools pre-assembled nationwide.

“UFCU has been an essential part of our growth. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to grow at the speed or capacity that we needed to.”

UFCU is proud to assist this successful local business that put the comfort and enjoyment of practical, patio-scale pools within reach — in Texas and beyond.

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